We have access to an extensive inventory of high-quality diamonds and materials, which allows us to curate stones and pieces for your budget. We make our jewelry in only the best factories and have uncompromising standards during the entire manufacturing process, ensuring your finished piece is worthy of being worn by you at only the fairest and best price. DVAH prides itself on excellence and elegance and our manufacturing process allows for exactly that.



Bespoke process

    Our one of a kind process makes custom jewelry creation fun and fast.
  1. Selection:
    With exceptional experience and knowledge in the field, we’ll work with you to select your diamond, guiding you along the way to find the perfect fit for you and your budget.
  2. Design:
    Work with us to create a custom piece with only the finest materials. Whether you have an idea you want to explain, a sketch, or need more guidance, we’ll work with you to design something you’ll love for a lifetime.
  3. Model:
    Utilizing new advancements in technology, we create a 3D model and 3D print it into a wax resin, so you can have a clear idea of what your piece will look like.
  4. Casting:
    To bring your piece to life, we send the 3D wax resin model to the premier casting house to cast the piece.
  5. Setting:
    Our experienced jewelers cleans the casting, polishes it, and sets the stones.
  6. Quality control:
    We assess the piece extensively before it goes back to you to ensure only the highest quality and satisfaction.
  7. Your piece:
    Delivered in 10 days, we guarantee you’ll love it.